You have a finished video complete with a soundtrack and graphics. Now what?

Now you need to deliver it to your target audience. This means you are ready for Distribution.

In today's world there are many options for distribution. You can choose a traditional approach and put your video on Blu-ray or DVD or CD-ROM, which is still an effective way to deliver your product, or you may prefer a more dynamic approach. You can stream your video directly through webcasts or send it to someone's phone using video email.

Perhaps you would prefer to pull someone into an interactive web environment or post your program on your web site as Video-on-Demand. The choices are wide ranging: live events, showings, trade shows, conventions, theatrical release, satellite broadcasts and traditional broadcast mediums. The web opens a host of options, including web commercials and eMarketing campaigns or you could go viral on social media sites, like YouTube and Facebook.

Video Solutions can provide all of these services, including:

  • Duplication of Blu-rays, DVDs or CD-ROMs
  • Distribution, Packaging & Fulfillment
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Webcasting & Hosting
  • Video-on-Demand / Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Interactive eLearning Programming

There are additional distribution and production services available. Need something distributed? Contact Us or call 703.683.5035. To review the production steps, see Design & Create.