The first step in the Design process is planning, or what we in the business call Pre-Production.

The Design or Pre-Production Phase includes everything from strategic analysis to scouting locations and casting talent. This is when the message, approach, treatment and script are created and the production details are hammered out—from cameras and crew to lighting and direction.

Design covers everything from the decision to make a video to the point when the cameras begin to roll.

It is where all the questions and options are explored. What HD format will you use or are you streaming? Will you hire talent or use an in-house spokesperson? Will you shoot on location or in the studio? Do you want foreign language tracks or captions?

There are a million choices that need to be made...a million reasons that require a professional team with the experience to know the ramifications of each choice.

At Video Solutions, we always start with a strategy session to clearly identify the purpose, audience and intent. This stage is critical to ensuring a successful product in the end.

You can't just aim the camera and yell, "Action!" and expect quality results.

Our Pre-Production Services include:

  • Brainstorming & Goal Analysis
  • Strategic Planning & Assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Communications & Brand Assessment
  • Concept Development, Production Design, & Treatment
  • Scriptwriting & Production Preparation
  • Production Coordination & Scheduling
  • Casting Talent & Hiring Crew
  • Location Scouting & Permits
  • Budget Development & Travel Arrangements

There are so many options in video that determine budget, timeline, crew, distribution, and the effectiveness of your video. You need a strategic plan that addresses your needs and covers all aspects of the project from concept through distribution. Our team is skilled in handling those details and providing guidance about options you may not have considered—options that can increase or decrease the budget dramatically.

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