The Create phase is when the plan comes to life and cameras start to roll.

This is the core of the production and it is broken into two distinct areas: 

Production and Post Production.


Production is everything that happens while the cameras are rolling:

  • Camera Crews - large and small, High Definition/Standard Definition
  • Formats - 2K, 4K, RED, XDCam or DVCPro HD
  • Capturing B-Roll
  • Principle Photography
  • Interviews
  • How-To Demonstrations/Re-Enactments/Dramatizations
  • Line Producing
  • Location Management
  • Lighting Design - HMIs, Kinoflows, LEDs, generators
  • Sound Packages - Mixers, Lavs, Windscreens, Wireless
  • Acting Talent - professional/non-professionals, we can even get trained animals
  • Makeup and Hair
  • Specialty Equipment - Grip Trucks, Steadicam, Dolly & Track, Sliders, Jib-Arms/Camera Cranes, Drones

Post Production:

This is the phase between the final "Cut" and the final product. It's when we take the raw footage and make it look like a film.
In Post production, editors get to flex their creative muscles and add extra touches to enhance the overall product.

Post production includes:

  • Managing the Footage
  • Video Editing
  • Inserting Special Effects & Graphics
  • Animation
  • Adding Music or Commissioning Custom Scores
  • Narration Recording Sessions
  • Audio Sweetening
  • Captioning
  • Language Translation
  • Video Formatting & Encoding - USB, Blu-ray, Web, Flash, H.264, Mobile

Video Solutions operates tapeless and uses a digital work flow to keep our productions "green."

For the next steps in the process see Distribute or to review the first step, Design.

Camera Crew in action using a steadicam


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