Ever wonder how video production companies create corporate videos?
Here is a peek behind the scenes.

These two images are from a recent production. The first image is a spokesperson being filmed in front of a green screen. The second image is how the shot looks with graphics added.

We shot this video in our insert studio, which allowed us to provide an intimate studio space that focused exclusively on the project. We used a green screen with composite background behind. The final video was a product demo that included interviews and soundbites.

How did we find the spokesperson? We held auditions using a local talent agency.

Our insert studio includes a variety of photographer’s backdrops, including pure white, green screen, and blue chromakey. They are full length drops to allow for body shots and movement.

In addition, we have a 58-inch monitor that can be included in the shot with still graphics or video playing on it. This type of shot can be used to perfect advantage for monthly news updates, how to videos, and orientation and training videos.

To watch a video sample of this project, visit our web site at www.thevideosolution.com/our-work. The link is located under the Associations/Non-Profits tab. Select the "CAI--Your Investment" link.