Power Point is the business standard. Everyone uses it. The question is whether it is the best choice for your project or just the most common. Sometimes Power Point limits your options.

We were approached by a client who was using a Power Point Presentation, but needed something more. The result was an award-winning video that reached a broader audience with a more comprehensive message.

Anytime you want immediate contact with your audience. Here are 14 great times to use it for maximum results:

  1. eMail Invitations (to events, conferences, conventions, fly-ins, meetings and more)
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Recruiting
  4. Employee Morale
  5. Internal Communications

Video Solutions was proud to capture the great work of Rebuilding Together - Alexandria, an Alexandria-focused nonprofit organization that is dedicated to donating home repairs to the in-need families in the city. Our crews followed volunteers on National Rebuilding Day and documented their work for a video that will be shown at the organization's annual meeting.

Rebuilding Together is a nationwide home repair and rehabilitation initiative dedicated to keeping low-income homeowners living in safety, warmth, and independence through volunteer services. They provide repair services throughout the year and actively seek volunteers and donations to meet the need.

It was great to see them in action in our own community.


Video will make your events sizzle by adding a touch of Hollywood. There is nothing quite so engaging as moving images and sound. Grab your audience with an animated logo, a well-crafted video presentation and full audio track.

There is a reason there are a thousand channels on your television and 22 screens at your local movie theater. Moving images pull people and make them want more. You can put that same power to work for your organization.

Here are just a few ways that Video Solutions add pop to live events:

  • Create content for your show
  • Design a video or powerpoint slide show
  • Direct and produce your event