When the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center needed an overview video, they called us. But this wasn’t just any overview video. The AFHSC was a new formed organization that was having an identity crisis. 

The military had taken all of the health surveillance departments from each service and blended them into one organization that needed to work as a team. The problem was that they had no idea how to talk about who they were within the military, to Congress and to outside agencies, like the CDC. Each branch of the military had approached epidemiology a bit differently. Their combined services were broader and more complex. Their labs were spread across the world. How could they talk about who they were now? 

The solution was to do a video to introduce their capabilities and show some of their field work. 

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Apparently there is a day for everything and today is National Swap Ideas day, so we are gathering our best ideas and standing by.

Have an idea? Want another? That’s what today is all about. The trick is to swap ideas that matter. Sure, anyone can offer an idea, but not everyone can offer a good idea that will help you achieve your goals.

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The back-to-school sales are on and it seems everyone is gearing up for a new year.

It’s a great time for businesses to do the same. It may not be the beginning of a shiny new school year for us, but it is the end of a fiscal year and the perfect time to look forward. There is nothing quite like a fourth quarter review to help spur new ideas and start the planning process.