Part Eight: Hiring a Production Company—Red Flags in Proposals

Hiring a video production company can be daunting. There are so many options how do you choose?
As we conclude our series on Experience Versus Not, we thought we should dicuss how to select a production company.

Other Concerns—Legalities, Permits, International Travel, Insurance, Workers’ Comp

Video, like any business, has its fair share of legal issues. Experienced companies know what is required and when to turn to their legal team for assistance.
Your video production company should have a lawyer, insurance agent and valid business license at the bare minimum.

Sharing video has never been easier than it is today.

There are countless avenues from social media to content delivery networks (CDNs).

We are continuing with our series on experience versus not. So far, we’ve touched on planning, pre-production, production, and post-production, which you can read here.Now let's continue with the next stage: Distribute—Captioning, Broadcast, Streaming, and More!

When we started Video Solutions, we worked in S-VHS, 3/4” , 1”, and Betacam SP Broadcast Tape Formats. VHS was the only consumer format. It was the time of the professional tape format battles. Eventually, High Definition won the war and led to tapeless formats. Now it seems there are a zillion digital codecs for the variety of delivery mechanisms ranging from cell phones and tablets to the internet, social media, and broadcast television.

Part Five is moving out of the field and into the editing suite and beyond.

We’re going to talk about Post Production now.

We are continuing with our series on comparing experienced production companies with newer ones. So far, we’ve touched on planning, pre-production, and production, which you can read here.