Welcome to Our Newly Redesigned Web Site…Plus One

Redesigned TheVideoSolution.com provides access, expanded viewing and more information. We are pleased to announce a new look for our web site and the launch of a new site – 321Video2Go.com.


Apparently there is a day for everything and today is National Swap Ideas day, so we are gathering our best ideas and standing by.

Have an idea? Want another? That’s what today is all about. The trick is to swap ideas that matter. Sure, anyone can offer an idea, but not everyone can offer a good idea that will help you achieve your goals.

Our ideas can. Why? Because it’s what we do.

At Video Solutions, we have endless ideas…about production.

The back-to-school sales are on and it seems everyone is gearing up for a new year.

It’s a great time for businesses to do the same. It may not be the beginning of a shiny new school year for us, but it is the end of a fiscal year and the perfect time to look forward. There is nothing quite like a fourth quarter review to help spur new ideas and start the planning process.

Power Point is the business standard. Everyone uses it. The question is whether it is the best choice for your project or just the most common. Sometimes Power Point limits your options.

We were approached by a client who was using a Power Point Presentation, but needed something more. The result was an award-winning video that reached a broader audience with a more comprehensive message.