One of the most important roles on a film is the DP or Directory of Photography. He or she is responsible for capturing the shot.

The Crew

The crew is everyone hired by a production company to work on a video or film project that is not part of the cast. The cast are those who are hired to act in the film or provide the voices for characters or narration. The cast is often called talent in video. 

The crew is divided into different departments depending on their role within the production. Who is needed on a crew depends on what is being filmed.

Associations live and die with memberships. They are the reason for being. But they only work if members understand the importance of being members. 

The key to success lies in getting your message out.

It is not enough for you to have successes if your public doesn’t know about it. You need to share your message and news. Your public needs to know what you stand for and why they should care and support it. This is called Public Outreach.