Buying creative services is not like buying a widget where you compare prices and are done. Creative services are unique to each team delivering them.

They may include the same basic ideas or requirements, but often deviate in delivery and concept.

Here are our six steps to approaching an RFP:

Step 1: Analyze each requirement so we can determine the exact needs of the project and the associated costs. This step includes making a lot of lists for us: how many locaLons, final run time,deadline, etc.

Government relations is all about getting your message across. Whether that means to your members or Members of Congress, a video is an effective way to persuade people to your position. 

Here are our top 5 Ways to Use Video to Maximize Your Success on the Hill:

Video production is a worthy investment for any communications plan, especially these days; but they are an investment. Successful videos require planning.

Here are our top 15 steps to a successful video:

1. Define the purpose for your video. What do you hope to accomplish?

2. Identify your audience.

One of the key components of the Create Stage in Video Production is Editing.

Knowing when to make a cut, a dissolve or transition, when to add graphics, music, sound effects all comes down to the talent of the video editor.