Many organizations want videos that show their staff, members, volunteers, people. We agree that is a great way to let those who have the passion and knowledge share it with your audience. Who else knows your business or issue better?

But we also know that asking amateurs to take the stage is a risky endeavor. Will they deliver? Will they look good on camera? Will they say what needs to be said?

Put your concerns aside. There are tricks to getting stellar interviews with people who are not comfortable in front of the camera and even with those who are.

Adding video to your marketing efforts is essential in this day and age. The problem is that just making a video is not enough.

Those videos need to be strategic to achieve results. They require an approach that engages viewers and inspires action.

In this blog, we are going to share what not to do so you can learn from others’ mistakes, and mistakes are everywhere when it comes to video production. You’ve seen them—those videos that do nothing. They sit on YouTube, on web sites or loop in trade show booths with no one watching.

Here is what they were doing wrong and what you should avoid:

Content marketing is the way of business these days and video is the preferred delivery method, but it’s not enough to produce a single video and call it done. You need more than that to make an impression. You are going to need a campaign—a series of videos.

Your audience wants to connect with you visually. They want to see what you are doing and hear your stories, which is why video is the perfect medium. The only question is how you will produce your video content. Now, you could point your phone at a colleague and post an impromptu video to your web site. It is an option, but by doing so you could undermine your image and brand.

Videos are the indisputable leader in online content. The statistics are overwhelmingly. The challenge with this is creating content that sticks with your audience. Content that attracts their attention and is effective.

Here are our top 7 tips for producing videos that linger: