There is more to posting successful videos online than pointing a camera and yelling action.

Successful videos require strategy and planning. They don’t just happen.

Below are some tactics you need to create a winning strategy for your video marketing:

It’s no secret video is the primary way people are using the Internet these days. YouTube is exploding to such a degree that its top 10 trending viral videos racked up 550 million views for a total viewing time of more than 25 million hours.

Video makes an impact. There’s no debate about that. The trick is finding the best way to use it. There are many.

We’ve all been there. Sitting in an audience listening to someone speak while clicking through yet another PowerPoint presentation that is mind-numbingly boring and wishing we were anywhere else.

It’s hard to make slides interesting. And yet they remain the presentation go-to in most business and government settings.

It’s time to do better. Slide presentations are old-school. They no longer impress or engage an audience. It’s time to step up your presentations.

Video is the driver of Internet traffic accounting for nearly 90% of all content viewed. It is the behemoth of the net.

Large companies recognize this and launch vast video campaigns that revolutionize users and gain attention, but video is an equal opportunity medium. Small businesses can gain advantage by using it too.