Part Four is focused on production — what it is and how it may vary from production company to production company.

They are not all the same.

In this series comparing experienced production companies with newer ones, we’ve touched on planning and pre-production. To read the first three blogs click here.

This is our series on the differences between experienced production professionals and those who are newer to the profession. Does experience matter?

This series highlights the differences between the the two so you can decide for yourself. Hiring a production company is not a small thing. It’s an investment in your communication and marketing efforts across the board.

In this blog, we will continue our breakdown of pre-production by looking at content.

In our last blog, we started our series on experienced versus inexperienced video professionals. This series is designed to help you navigate hiring a production company.

It can be tough to select a company that will produce the best results for you and it goes beyond price. Read the first blog in the series here.

Today we will be focusing on the elements of Pre-Production and how experience comes into play.

The world of video is exploding. Video marketing is even bigger.

Video is everywhere and, statistically speaking, the favored means of communication these days with nearly every demographic. Why? Because it works…most of the time.

The problem with video is, like every creative field, the quality varies from production company to production company. Videos are definitely not all the same and neither are the professionals who make them. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for the lay person to figure out the best company to hire, which is why we have created this series comparing experienced production companies versus lesser experienced teams.