’Tis the season for giving, which is the perfect time to talk about fundraising. Raising funds is the lifeblood of many organizations. It is what keeps the programs running and the lights on. The challenge is figuring out how to increase the funding levels each year.

We have found that video is a powerful resource in a successful campaign. A strategically produced message has impact and proven results. 
Here are our top 3 ways to use video in your fundraising efforts:
  1. Fundraising Videos: The first is to create a video appeal. We suggest producing two versions—one long to show at in-person meetings and to members and a second shorter one to use in emails and online. The critical point in a fundraising appeal is to make it sincere and to clearly define why donating matters. Our production team is skilled in creating an emotional ask that maximizes donations.

  2. Video Email Appeals: A personal video message sent directly to your target audience is a powerful way to ask when you can’t do the appeal in person. With our video email system, the email plays automatically when the viewer opens the email. This creates an immediacy and urgency to the appeal.

  3. Online Appeals: The last way we suggest is to create a fundraising video specifically for your web site and other online outlets. This allows you to increase your video’s reach. By using a video, you can show why donating is the logical course of action. 
Emotion is key in asking for money. You have to show why your audience should donate. You need to show why it matters and why they should care. Fundraising isn’t about the pennies you collect, but in how you tell your story and how the audience reacts. This requires an experienced team who has a proven track record in creating fundraising videos that succeed. 
For more information about how video can help you exceed your goals, call or email us today.