Nothing makes an event sizzle like video. It engages your audience in a way text, speech and signage can’t.

Here are our Top 15 Ways to Add Video to Your Next Event:

  1. Opening Session Videos: Create a streamlined show with integrated speakers and videos.
  2. Tribute Videos: Feature the best of your best in tribute videos during the big event.
  3. “Sorry I Can’t Be There” Videos: Missing a big event? Send a video message to show you care. 
  4. Interstitials: These are the short video reels that play between sessions to thank sponsors, highlight events, programs and services. 
  5. Convention TV: Design a channel specifically for your attendees with content to draw them to sessions and the show floor.
  6. Video Email Marketing: Boost attendance with a video invitation. 
  7. Video Sponsor Packages: Increase your sponsorships with targeted video marketing sent traditionally or through email. 
  8. Speechwriting: Not sure what to say on the big day? We provide full speechwriting services. 
  9. Webcasting: Extend your reach through webcasting. 
  10. Session Videos: Capture your sessions to add to your video archive. 
  11. Onsite Coverage: Film attendees at your event for future marketing efforts.
  12. Happy Faces Video: Capture those happy faces during your event and show them in a custom video at your closing session.
  13. Booth Video: Want to show your organization and its benefits at your booth? Create a booth video.
  14. Production Design: We design and produce videos, event staging, signage, session materials, booths, and whatever else required for an event. 
  15. Original Content: Our team can create original videos and collateral materials for your booth, convention or conference. Custom designed for you. 

Call today for a free consultation on how each of these points will maximize the success of your event at (703) 683-5305 or email us. And if you're looking for ready-made video production packages visit our newest division: 321Video2Go