Why hide your company’s experts away when you can use them to increase your exposure?

Expert videos are a great way to tap into the knowledge and expertise within your organization.

Video is a great way to introduce clients and prospects to the thought leaders in your organization and industry. Let your experts share why your company matters, how your product or service is different, and to speak on any number of topics to engage your audience with meaningful information.

Expert videos are all about education and information.

Tap into your company leaders first, then expand your circle of experts to include key partners, influencers, industry leaders, high profile clients, and anyone else who can speak intelligently about your particular niche. The point is not to sell your company, but to establish your staff and thought leaders as experts in the field. This is about changing your target market’s perception of your place in the industry.

Expert videos are a great way to engage your audience and increase your exposure. If used strategically in marketing — on the company website and social media campaigns — expert videos can increase engagement and traffic.

Here are just a few ways to use your experts in video:
  • Introduce how and why your organization stands out
  • Explain complex ideas, products or services in a clear, simple way
  • Address one specific aspect of your organization’s services, products or purpose
  • Discuss key developments in the industry and how your organization is involved
  • Share exciting industry news or approaches
  • Tease new products or services
  • Promote events

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