Advertising has come a long way since the days of Mad Men. These days, it thrives when put in motion.

Video is king, not just for broadcast media but throughout all mediums. But how does a company effectively use advertising in a digital age?

The answer is by staying flexible.

Advertising and commercial videos need to perform equally well on various platforms—whether for broadcast, the Internet or in social media campaigns. This means producing videos that are scalable to accommodate the different mediums.

Commercials need to work quickly—in fifteen, thirty or sixty seconds. Sometimes even in as few as six seconds. There is no time to waste on extraneous details. Commercials are all about creating impressions and instilling a need to learn more. They must be focused, but relatable. Most of all, commercials need to be engaging to be effective.

The best advertising campaign includes a strategy to produce multiple spots based on the same production footage. This means planning a production that captures everything required to create broadcast spots, web ads, social media spots, and commercials you can use in convention booths, public relations campaigns, as well as pre-roll ads for YouTube and other public platforms. The production also should include ways to use the same images in print advertising and email campaigns. In other words, it needs an integrated approach.

This type of comprehensive campaign requires a strategic approach and the necessary skills to craft a compelling campaign that is flexible.

Here are some of the ways you can effectively use commercial videos:

Broadcast Advertising This is the most expensive option available to companies and is the most effective. It allows you to present your message to a large audience at one time. You can choose when and where to advertise to reach your target demographic. The frequency with which you show your spot will correlate to your success.

Internet Commercial These are similar to Broadcast commercials with a significantly lower price tag. Because they are formatted to play on the Internet, they work equally well on websites and in social media campaigns. This is a great way to reach the surfing public.

Venue Advertising Sometimes going local is a better idea. Venue advertising covers things like movie theater and sports venue ads. The benefit of venue advertising is that it reaches a specific audience during a specific event. It is targeted and cheaper than traditional broadcast advertising.

Convention Advertising These are the videos that play in a convention booth or even on monitors throughout the convention venue to introduce your company, service and products. They are short videos that advertise aspects of your company that will appeal to event attendees. They also can be included in your marketing campaign leading up to a convention on your website and in email marketing campaigns.

Demo Advertising These are quick videos that invite viewers to learn more. They could be played live or on a website or social media outlet. The focus of this type of video is to invite the viewer to learn more about how your product or service works. Think of this as a teaser video that leads to a longer “How To” video.

Testimonials These are short commercials directly from your customers. By using their words you can encourage others to buy your products and use your company’s services. There is nothing more compelling than hearing from a satisfied customer. These also work well on company websites and in social media campaigns.

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