Video is a powerful addition to any marketing and communications plan.

It even works when aimed at an internal audience—staff, members, boards, stockholders.

There are many ways to add video to decrease attrition, increase morale and loyalty, and avoid issues. Here are our top ways to use video for your internal audience:

State of the Company Address—Like the State of the Union, a State of the Company address allows executives to share successes from the previous year and look ahead to challenges and issues that need to change in the future. Using a video ensures every person in your organization has an opportunity to hear the message and embrace the direction set forth.

CEO/Executive Messages—Similar to the State of the Company, a CEO/Executive Message is a great way to boost morale and productivity by sharing news directly with your internal audience. The difference is that CEO/Executive Messages can happen throughout the year to update people with the latest news. They also can be made as scalable and personal videos aimed for all or a portion of the organization. CEO video messages are personal and energize employees more than print or email announcements. They also cut down on misunderstandings and rumors.

Corporate Change Management Videos—Whether your organization is in the midst of a transition or experiencing a significant change to the team structure or corporate management methods, a video could help. Change is never easy. The best way to ease tensions is to present a clear, strategic message to everyone at one time to eliminate rumors or misunderstandings. A video message can be delivered to everyone simultaneously. No one is left out. No one falls prey to misinformation or missing details. You control the message and the delivery.

Team Videos—During important projects it might help to film meetings and conferences and share those videos with the broader team. Or to create short summary videos to send to everyone. This keeps everyone in the loop and working toward the same goals.

Knowledge Sharing—Enterprise videos archives knowledge within an organization. Information sharing and corporate knowledge sharing helps decrease knowledge gaps and loss across an organization. Enterprise videos can capture corporate knowledge before it’s lost and make it available to others in the organization.

Broadcast Organizational Events—Offer virtual access to company events. By filming events, conferences, board meetings and other key functions, you can make them available to everyone in the organization or to select teams.

Benefits Videos—Explain employee benefits in a quick, clear way through video. Benefits videos are a great way to show the value of being an employee or member. The video can clearly outline the many benefits available. It also gives you the opportunity to explain choices and complicated enrollment terms.

New Hire Orientation—An orientation video can save time and offer a better look into an organization. You can show your facilities in detail, capture testimonials from happy employees, offer a glimpse into a typical day and instill your corporate culture in one video. This saves time and ensures a consistent message every time.

Employee Recruitment—Personalize your recruitment efforts with targeted recruitment videos. Videos are a proven way to find better qualified candidates. The best recruitment videos include a detailed look at the organization and the job opening.

Employee Awards or Recognition—Reward employees for stellar work with a tribute video. This is a great way to recognize achievement and encourage similar behavior in the organization.

New or Events Coverage—Share big news and events through a video recap. This is a great way to get everyone involved. These short videos can be distributed through email, on the organizational website or posted on a intranet or at a meeting.

Health and Safety—Keep your employees safe and healthy through video. Share information about a health or safety concern, encourage employees to take advantage of well being programs, and refer employees to safety rules and regulations. Think of these as internal PSAs aimed at protecting your staff.

Compliance Videos—Keep your employees up-to-date on government compliance standards through video training or eLearning modules. Track compliance with video tracking and verification of completion. Videos are a great way to craft a single message that meets regulations and ensures employee participation. This is also a great way to address corporate ethics issues.

Training—Create a focused, strategic training program you can deliver through video or eLearning modules. Video training ensures your training methods are delivered the same way to each participant without any variations or modifications. It also allows employees to participate without travel, saving time and preserving productivity.

Internal Briefings—Turn those tired Powerpoint Presentations into something a lot more engaging. Video briefings increase retention and understanding.

Mission, Vision and Values Videos—Using video to share your corporate culture, core values, goals, and vision helps increase employee loyalty, buy-in and morale. These videos help decrease attrition and increase a feeling of belonging to a focused team.

Motivational Videos—Inspire loyalty or inspire a change in behavior with a motivational video from the CEO or department head. These types of videos are aimed at fixing minor problems within an organization. They can be quick videos targeting a single issue and encouraging change. Or use them to motivate a new attitude within the workplace.

Using video in your organization can increases understanding by 74% over text. Video is a powerful medium that can transform your organization from the inside. If you would like to learn more please call us at (703) 683-5305 or contact us.