Education and professional development are essential components of an organization.

With video, you can offer employees or members take advantage of all the educational opportunities within the organization on a continuous basis.
There are many distribution options for sharing organizational knowledge, from eLearning modules to webcasting and archived video libraries. You can even offer a fee-based system for proprietary conference sessions.

The point is video can be a powerful tool in developing an education and training program in your organization. Video allows you to expand your reach with your audience, to better engage with them, and to enhance & enrich their knowledge base.

Here are our Top 7 Ways to Use Video in Training and Education:

  1. Online eLearning: Capitalize on your educational materials by creating an online training presence. Capture those educational programs and put them online where your members or employees can access them at their convenience. This takes your existing material and turns it into an invaluable Member or Employee Benefit.
  2. Original Content: Want to train on a specific topic? Why not produce an original session to post online? This is a great way to develop a certification program or educate your organization on a vital issue in your industry.
  3. Up-Convert Your PowerPoint Presentations: Turn those ubiquitous, but not necessarily successful presentations into videos that provide consistent material in an engaging way. The power of video can transform any presentation.
  4. eLearning Library Content: Take old presentations, sessions and materials and turn them into a content library. The older material becomes the archive while new material keeps the library fresh. This is a great way to pull in new members and show value to existing ones.
  5. Speechwriting & Class Presentations: Need to create eLearning sessions? We have a speechwriter on staff who can take your information and create eLearning sessions for you.
  6. Class Materials & Videos: Still want to do classes in person? No problem. We can help create class materials and videos to ensure consistency in content and delivery.
  7. Employee Orientation Videos: Don’t forget your staff. Video is a great way to train employees or introduce new employee benefits or changes.

If you want to learn about the value of video in education and training, please call (703) 683-5305 or contact us.