Save your Sales Team time by using videos to convert prospects.

Videos are a clear advantage to sales.

Here are our top videos that help Sales Teams be more productive: Testimonials— There is nothing quite like having your clients share personal recommendations on your website. Testimonials increase credibility for your organization and help convert leads.

Product Demonstrations— Show your products and services in personalized demonstrations. Video demonstrations allow prospects to see what they would be buying. The added benefit is you can use animation to show cross sections or the interior of products you would not be able to do in person.

Educational “How To” Videos— Go into more depth with an instructional video. Knowing more will help your audience make an informed decision and click that “buy” button.

Commercials— Commercials are a standard because they work. Make commercials for broadcast or online distribution and watch your sales figures increase.

Introduction Videos— Trying to expand your exposure? Try an introductory video that tells your audience who you are and what you do. When paired with testimonials, these introductory videos can work wonders.

Video Sales Letter—This is a video that replaces your typical sales letter. It lists why an audience should buy your product or service. Most of the time, these videos are posted on static landing pages that include quick links for more information. They also work in presentations. Videos keep your audience’s attention longer than print letters and result in an increased response.

Proposals—Stop wasting time writing proposals. Use a video approach instead for a more engaging, effective response to the bidding process.

Event Videos—Don’t just send an invitation to an event: Show your invitees what they’ll be missing if they miss it. Show the location, highlights of past events, teasers of what’s to come this year. Think of it as a trailer for your event. There’s a reason the film industry uses trailers. They work.

Video Email Marketing—This is the video version of direct mail, but far more effective. Create a video you deliver directly to your market via email.

Presentations—Convert those tired Powerpoint presentations into video. They will engage your audience, increase their retention of information and be more successful.

There are many ways to use video to increase sales. The biggest thing to remember is that video allows you to engage your audience and show detail to entice them. It is an informational and emotional media. Used strategically it can increase your profits.

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