Companies spend precious time creating proposals to get new work. The process is long and tedious for all involved. Using a video proposal makes your organization stand out.

They let you put a personal touch and face to your proposal and help you differentiate your organization from the others responding to bids.

Video Proposals can take your tired, paper proposal and refresh it.

Humans like to buy from humans. It’s why people often say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” A video proposal puts a face on your proposal. It makes your organization come to life. Afterall, seeing is believing, why not "show & tell" your prospect what your team brings to this project?

There are many benefits to using a Video Proposal:

  1. Make a bigger impact with engaging video and graphics.
  2. Save the bidding agent time by quickly explaining your ideas with visual backup and movement.
  3. Enjoy a bigger response rate by using video.
  4. Share your ideas without making the contracting officer slog through pages of text.

How you put your video proposal together matters though. Here are our top tips for producing one:

  1. Produce the video in modules that can be moved around for maximum efficiency. For example, you could have a company overview section where you introduce your organization and show your facilities and capabilities. You could include a team component, a “Why us?” section, and other standard sections that don’t change from proposal to proposal. By using a modular approach, you can save both time and money.
  2. Create a template or approach for the section that outlines your ideas for a proposal. Produce these as needed and then combine them with standard modules.
  3. Include a budget segment so you can explain your pricing and how and why it could change.
  4. Create a video Executive Summary. Don’t let your traditional paper proposal do the heavy lifting. Open your Video Proposal with a summary of your approach, including how you plan to address the client’s needs.
  5. End with relevant projects. If you film each project or contract overview videos showing your capabilities on existing or past projects, you can slip clips of those into the end to strengthen your presentation.
  6. Video Proposals are personal and effective. They work, but only when produced strategically.

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