Outreach videos are everywhere. They are a current trend in marketing and communications.

Organizations can’t afford to lag behind this trend.

Outreach videos change opinion and behavior. They encourage participation and action. They influence and persuade.

There are nine typical forms of Outreach Videos:

Asking for Help—Whether you are putting out the call for volunteers or funds, a video appeal will boost your efforts. Help videos are just that: pleas to rally the community to act.

PSAs—Public Service Announcements (PSAs) promote safer behavior and influence opinion. These types of videos typically address behavioral issues like domestic violence, cancer screening or smoking. They are informational and encourage action or change. Often both.

Nonprofit Educational Videos—These types of videos inform the public about new initiatives or details about aspects of community life that often go unnoticed. These videos are informational and focused on concrete ideas that need explanation.

Policy Videos—These types of videos explain how public policy affects the public at large. They break down the policies or regulations and inform the public about the specifics they need to know about to comply. Conversely, they may call for the public to rise up against an onerous policy.

Campaign Videos—These videos focus on campaigns that are coordinated efforts that directly impact the community.

Health and Safety—Health and Safety videos address public health or safety issues and are designed to protect citizens. These videos could be anything from addressing health scares, (like urging the public to get a flu shot or respond to a food recall) to issues endangering the community (such as active shooter situations or an increase in criminal activity). The purpose of Health and Safety videos is to protect the community with information they need to stay healthy and safe.

Organizational Videos—Companies and organizations often put out Outreach Videos about initiatives that benefit the community or a niche population within it. These videos offer organizations the chance to share what they are doing to support the communities in which they do business. These tackle a variety of subjects, but could be what a company is doing to help the environment or save an animal species.

Motivational Videos—These videos are created to inspire a community to adopt a new program, service or behavior. These videos tend to focus on bold ideas and issues facing communities.

Community Successes—These videos tout exemplary behavior or action by figures within the community to set an example or encourage similar behavior from others. These could be inspirational or aspirational. They tend to focus on specific people and events.

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