Companies are using Explainer videos to engage with their clients and prospects.

These videos tell a story though video. They explain an idea, story, product, service, organization, position and more.

Explainer videos is a fancy name for an informational video. They are an effective way to convey a complex idea in a simple way. This is one reason why they are far more effective than traditional methods, like web pages or blog posts.

Explainer videos hook the audience with graphics and a strong message.

There are five main types of Explainer Videos:

Demo Videos—These videos show how a product or service works in somewhat basic terms. Think of them as an introduction. These quick demonstration videos can be followed up with longer, more detailed “how to” videos that takes a user deeper. (Click here for a quick look.)

Benefits Videos—Benefit videos focus on benefits to the user. They show the value of using a specific product or service, or adopting a new behavior or action. Benefit Videos are specific and focused on the audience.

Values Videos—These videos focus on a strong message and action. It motivates the audience to take action after learning more about a topic.

Testimonial Videos—Testimonial Videos allow organizations to have someone not on their payroll endorse their products, services or organization. They instantly raise credibility of the information and review.

FAQ Videos—FAQ Videos are a great way to handle those questions that come up again and again. Save your sales team time by addressing the most common questions at one time.

Explainer videos can be video, animation or a combination of the two. All methods are effective. Which one to use is best depends on the company and what is being explained. The most important goal for any Explainer Video is to engage the audience and teach them something. This takes experience and a strong media strategy.

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