Teamwork Matters in Video Production

Video production is a team effort. The director, executive producer, producer, director of photography (DP), scriptwriter, gaffer, sound, editor all need to work together to create a finished video.
Each professional brings his or her own skill set to the team, but the video suffers without everyone’s input.

The strength of the team is only as strong as the individual members. Each person should have experienced, training and a good work ethic. Each member should be able to communicate his or her needs and ideas in a collaborative environment to benefit the project. At Video Solutions, our team is comprised of experienced professionals who are all highly trained in their field and have a proven track record.

Although each member of our team is capable of doing their work alone, it is only when we come together that we can achieve greatness. Our team members know each other and work well together. They respect each other’s abilities and listen carefully to each other’s ideas and input. If the DP recommends a certain camera angle, the director listens. If the scriptwriter suggests a novel approach, the DP and director visualize it and add their suggestions. The editor may suggest a particular shot to the DP for incorporating elements into motion graphics. The point is that each person on the team is respected in their field and is listened to and valued.

Collaboration is essential in the planning phases of a project. This is when technical requirements are established, the creative approach is developed, the list of locations and types of shots required are compiled. Every member of the team has a place in this process. If the scriptwriter pens a scene with eight people, the sound person can make suggestions for covering the scene. Video is a collaborative process and it begins at the beginning. If you wait until you reach production, you are going to be caught short of equipment or time.

Good teams can communicate easily and respectfully. The last thing you need on set is a diva who doesn’t want to listen or speak cordially to the talent or crew. Our team at Video Solutions respects each other and enjoys working together. We know each other well enough that communication is second nature. But when difficult conversations are required, we can do that too. We always operate from a place of respect and kindness.

Collaboration is the key to a good team and a good video. Video Solutions has a great team who loves working with our clients to create videos that do more than just play. We dive into the process and the need to create strategic videos that will propel our clients’ businesses forward.

If you want to create a video with our team, call us at (703) 683-5305 or contact us either through this website, or via Our eMail.. We will happily listen to your video needs.