This is our series on the differences between experienced production professionals and those who are newer to the profession. Does experience matter?

This series highlights the differences between the the two so you can decide for yourself. Hiring a production company is not a small thing. It’s an investment in your communication and marketing efforts across the board.

In this blog, we will continue our breakdown of pre-production by looking at content. To read the first two blogs in the series, click here.


How you tell the story matters as much as what you show. Experienced scriptwriters know how to write for the ear, which is vastly different than writing for the page or screen. They know how to capture the audience’s attention with a well-told story that contains the essential information told in way that appeals and engages. This is a particular talent that professional production companies recognize, which is why they hire professional scriptwriters for the job.

Newer firms often assign the writing to a producer on the project or do the writing themselves and, unfortunately, it shows. Unless the person is trained as a writer, they often lack the instinct that comes from years of practice.

Writing is a craft like all the rest on a production team. Every person on the crew brings their own set of skills to the project. A writer is no different. In fact, they are often the most important person the project because they determine the content of what is shown and heard. They define the message. They determine the psychology behind the video—how it is told so it persuades or motivates the audience.

Think of it like a speechwriter. if you were speaking to a large audience or at a political rally doing a stump speech, would you write the speech yourself? Ask an intern? Or a recent college grad to write it? Not likely. You’d hire a professional who could show they had the skills and talent to write a great speech.

Creative Consulting

Video doesn’t exist alone—or it shouldn’t. Adding a video to your library of communications tools is an important step for your organization. Each video serves a distinct purpose and should fit into the rest of what your organization is doing. It’s not enough to be handed a completed video. There’s more to a successful production than that.

Consider the big Hollywood productions. They send out trailers months or years ahead of a movie release. They do press junkets with the stars. They hand out posters, press releases, and invite people to screen the film ahead of time. In other words, they market their production. Organizations need to do the same.

Experienced production companies should be able to offer strategic advice on how to maximize the production before, during, and after the project wraps. This is an invaluable step. Unfortunately not even every experienced production company offers those services.

At Video Solutions, we are happy to offer a full range of consulting services, such as speechwriting, media training, strategic planning, branding, communications audits, event planning, audio/visual for events, streaming, webcasting, video email, broadcast distribution, print materials and more. We work with our clients to make sure they are getting the full value from their video. We don’t just hand over a final film and wish them luck.

In our next blog, we will talk about budget, studio space, approach and what experience brings to the project in general.
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