Video marketing is the most effective method to sell products and services, raise awareness, motivate audiences, raise funds and so much more.

It is the preferred medium for most audiences. Studies have even shown consumers are 64% more likely to purchase an item they’ve seen a video about than one they haven’t.

Video connects.

Combining your message with visuals is far more compelling than text alone, especially in this media-driven culture. But how do you stand out? What do you convert to media? What’s the best approach? What are the best projects to use?

We advise our clients to approach a video marketing strategy much like they would any other effective campaign. The video needs to be an integrated component of an overall strategy. Don’t think of it as a stand-alone endeavor. Your video needs to be more than that. It should be a primary part of a well-considered approach.

The idea is to take advantage of people’s desire to find information quickly and easily. Since most users prefer video, use video to hook them. Create a video strategy that pulls your audience in, gives them some details and then guides them to more. The “more” your offering could be a longer video, a website, an online shop or white papers. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The only thing that does not change is that video is the most effective way to open the door.

But what do you use? While micro social media videos are popular, they are not the only ways to engage an online audience. Here are some other options to consider:
  • Corporate Overview Videos—think of these as corporate video brochures
  • Corporate Tours—these are great to show your facilities or equipment
  • Training Videos—these are always helpful, both to consumers, clients and staff
  • Regulatory Videos—share regulations and provide mandatory training using video through online video or eLearning options
  • Commercials—a perennial favorite and quite effective online
  • Viral Videos—difficult to achieve, but effective when you do
  • Infomercials—there’s a reason they flood the airwaves
  • Video Customer Testimonials—great way to show loyalty and value
  • Public Interviews—these are random in-the-street interviews that offer third party credibility
  • Product Presentations—basic, but always good to show off your capabilities and features
  • Product Demonstrations—also good at showing the effectiveness or your product
  • Product Reviews—review products in your industry or film an expert or customer reviewing your product or service
  • Stories—show your story through moving images and spoken word, stories are a great way to reach your audience
  • Email video—personalize your email with moving images
  • Event Invitations—don’t just mail an invitation, get it moving and send it to your customers’ email accounts for immediate action
  • Post Event Happy Faces—film your event, conference, convention with lots of exciting demonstrations, workshops and happy faces and then post the video to show what people who didn’t attend missed—this works great as an incentive to sell future events
  • Post Seminars Online—consider posting classes online from your convention for free or a fee—this is a great way to allow people to take the course who couldn’t attend
  • Create an Archive—archive your old lectures, presentations, workshops and more in an eLearning archive as a resource for customers and staff alike
  • Landing Pages and Micro Sites—give your videos a home online
  • Documentary-Style Video—share a personal look at an issue using documentary-style techniques
  • VLOG—video blog your stories and ideas
  • Podcast—while not strictly video, taking advantage of audio is a great way to reach new customers
  • Video Case Studies—go into projects in-depth and show how your products or services made a difference or make a case for changing behavior, donating or attending your event
  • Executive Presentations—consider filming your company’s state-of-the-company address or board of directors or stock holders meeting presentation for email or online distribution
  • Annual Reports—no one said they had to be written reports, or just written reports—film it to show the highlights and reach more of your board members, stock holders or staff
  • Staff Presentations—forget the slide presentations, put your ideas into motion and increase audience engagement and retention of key ideas
  • Staff Recruitment—there’s no better way to attract key talent than to film a day-in-the-life of the position you are recruiting for and including requirements to weed out applicants
  • Sales Support—give your sales team a boost with videos to help them convey key ideas and products, offer expert demonstrations or customer testimonials to the package as a bonus
  • eLearning—add courses to your website to demonstrate key industry ideas, trends, products, strategies and more
  • Maintenance Videos—offer your customers a way to maintain their products from you
  • Internal Communications—talk to your staff through video—use this powerful medium to engage your employees and offer information about important information
  • Company Success Stories—share your successes with employees and stockholders through video
  • Award Videos—honor your employees, customers or members with award videos to tout their contributions and successes
  • Content Marketing—put your content into motion by adding videos to your website and online presence
  • Event Presentations—don’t leave your speakers stranded behind a podium—give them video to enhance the presentation and cover complex ideas or inspirational bits in vivid detail
  • Raise Funds—statistics show that fundraising videos are far more effective than print campaigns
  • Video Press Releases and PSAs—share your stories in ways that can be used in print, online, on radio and television
  • B-Roll Video—provide news outlets with b-roll footage of your product, facilities or events to increase exposure
  • In-Store or Booth Videos—put video in your stores or convention booths to attract attention
  • Lobby Videos—use videos in your lobbies or waiting rooms to raise awareness of your company, industry or vital information
  • Safety Videos—show you care about your customers or staff with videos designed to keep them safe
  • Mobile Video—scale down by creating videos for people’s phones
  • Video White Paper—a more modern take on scholarly information—these are great when you have a lot of information to provide or a complex idea and want to encapsulate it

These are the most popular ways to use video, but there is no limit to how it can be used. All you need is a skilled partner. If you want to explore these ideas or others to increase your reach and engagement through video, give us a call. We’re happy to help devise a strategy that works for you.

Disclaimer: Please note that while statistics show a dramatic increase in engagement and conversion using video, production quality of those videos is a key factor in success. Poor production values reduce effectiveness. In other words, quality matters, both in message and production. We strongly advocate using professional production companies.
If you would like to discuss how to work with video professionals, call us (703) 683-5305 or Contact Us. We are a strategic media boutique that specializes in quality video productions and campaigns.