There is more to posting successful videos online than pointing a camera and yelling action.

Successful videos require strategy and planning. They don’t just happen.

Below are some tactics you need to create a winning strategy for your video marketing:

A Point

Make sure that your marketing strategy has a point—a driving intention and a clear, concise understanding of what you want to accomplish. You need a goal and a strategy to reach it to succeed. Once you have a strategy, you can determine which tactics to employ to achieve success. But it all beings with a point.


Timing is everything. Just as certain times do better for tweets and blogs, the timing of your video release matters too. The best way to determine the optimal time for your industry is to test the market with some teaser videos launched at different times through the week. Once you have some data, you can analyze the best open and watch rates from your tester videos so you can launch your video series at the most optimal time for your target audience. This strategy requires some market research and a series of tester videos to use as test group, but it can make a huge difference in your results.


Once you have identified your optimal release time, stick to it. Let your audience get used to seeing something posted at that time each day, week, month. As in all marketing, consistency counts. If you are launching a video campaign for a specific product, service or event, then establish a clear schedule leading up to the event or launch and then be consistent within the time frame you have available. The idea is to make your audience comfortable and anticipating your videos.


People like consistency and continuity, which we covered above when talking about releasing videos. But did you know that people are more likely to return to an ongoing series than one-off videos? It happens because of continuity of story. So consider what types of stories or approaches you could use to split your message into many videos released over time. This will allow you to tell a more complex story in short bites and go more in depth than you could in a single video. Plus it builds in audience anticipation and retention.


Don’t let your videos do all the work. Make sure to support your videos with landing pages on your web site, avenues for more information, and a clear way to reach someone with questions or sales. An effective video marketing campaign should be an integrated approach with all other marketing efforts—product launches, online or retail stores, services, website, print materials, etc.


Online users have short attention spans. This is not the place for a feature-length (or even short film length) videos. Micro-videos are leading the pack these days. Ten seconds to tell your story. Thirty to sixty at the longest. Social media is defined by pace, and it’s a sprint. You have to tell your story quickly and effectively. Go short. When you can’t go short, use micro-videos to lead your audience to the longer pieces. Think of them as teasers to the full videos (and by full, we mean no more than 3-5 minutes in length). The idea is to capture your audience’s attention first and then give them the information you want them to have. It’s a wave before the handshake.


One great way to connect with your audience is to teach them something. Offer a skill or information they can use first. Consider posting tutorials or informative videos about your industry, product, service. The idea is to position yourself or your company as the experts in the industry—the source to learn from so you can corner the market.


Like teaching your audience, entertaining gives them a reason to watch and return. Consider making your point in a fun way. Maybe you could dramatize the issue in a scripted scene? Maybe you could offer a comedy sketch that leads the audience to your product? There are many creative ways to pique your audience’s attention and lead them to what you need them to learn, buy, believe.


No matter what approach you take, you must include a clear call to action. If you want people to attend an event, then ask them to attend. If you want them to buy your product, show them why and then give them a clear way to purchase it. Whatever your intent is, make sure the audience knows what you want them to do to fulfill it.

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