It’s no secret video is the primary way people are using the Internet these days. YouTube is exploding to such a degree that its top 10 trending viral videos racked up 550 million views for a total viewing time of more than 25 million hours.

Video makes an impact. There’s no debate about that. The trick is finding the best way to use it. There are many.

One easy way to tap into this trend is by adding video to your social media feeds. Sharing short stories and videos can make a huge impact. But you can’t just toss videos in without some planning.

Here are our best tips for boosting your social media efforts with video:
  1. Be authentic. Don’t shove your way into pop culture. Look for ways to insert your marketing into social media in a way that makes sense to the media and your organization. The key is to identify your opportunities and create content that is both authentic and engaging.
  2. Tell a story. We say this a lot because it’s true. People engage through their emotions and nothing pulls on the heartstrings like a story. Having a good story will set you apart and inspire people to react and share.
  3. Play the numbers. Social media video generates 1200 percent more shares than text and images combined. Video is shared most often because people want to see the story unfold before their eyes. They want to engage visually and aurally.
  4. Social media is quick. Only the short survives. The statistics don’t lie. The longer the video, the smaller the audience retention.
  5. Knowing where to place. Not every platform is the same. Each has its own feel and demographic. While both YouTube and Facebook set the standard, there are other valuable outlets that may cater to your target market. It pays to do your research or hire a professional who can guide you to the best placement.
  6. Make it stand out silently. Did you know that up to 85% of Facebook video views happen with the sound turned off? This means you have to use visual cues to tell your story. If you hook your audience with that, they will turn up the sound.
  7. Know your purpose. What are you trying to convey with your social media video campaign? How do you want your audience to respond? What do you want them to know? Having a clear mission and strategy will help you succeed. It will form your stories and videos.

Video Solutions has a full consulting division to help you both target and leverage your video campaigns. We have entry level packages to keep budgets in line and the experience to craft campaigns that work. If you need assistance putting together an effective social media campaign, call us at (703) 683-5305 or simply Contact Us. We’re happy to help.