Video is the driver of Internet traffic accounting for nearly 90% of all content viewed. It is the behemoth of the net.

Large companies recognize this and launch vast video campaigns that revolutionize users and gain attention, but video is an equal opportunity medium. Small businesses can gain advantage by using it too.

The best thing about video is its flexibility, that it can entertain and educate. It can inspire and spur action. It can change minds. The key is to figure out what you need and then tailor a video campaign to meet that need and go beyond it.

This requires strategy. It also requires an investment, but video campaigns do not have to be expensive. They do need to be:
  • Professional
  • Strategic
  • Clever
  • Powerful
  • A reflection of your organization

We understand producing a video like that may be daunting, but a video campaign can significantly change your small business. The question is where to begin. The answer, as always, is to identify your needs or pain points and create a video to solve it. Here are some places to begin:

  1. What do your customers need to know about your business, product or service? Do they understand what you are offering? A video could provide those answers and provide particulars. Let your video campaign make your pitch and lay the groundwork for you.
  2. Stand out. Approximately 80% of viewers remember the video ads they see online. That is a staggering statistic. It means video works. Advertising works. Not much in marketing can say the same. The problem is everyone is posting video these days so you have to stand out to get customers. Do this by creating something memorable. Be creative. Pitch your business in a new way. A professional partner can help you with this.
  3. Remember it is worth it. Approximately 50% of all people who watch an online video make a purchase. Stop. Did your read that? It’s a huge number. Investing in video marketing and video strategy is a sound business decision.
  4. Know your demographic. It is the best indicator for video placement. Each social media platform has its own demographic and will yield different results. This means you need to know the market or hire someone who does. A sound strategy for placing content matters.
  5. Be flexible. Don’t pigeonhole your business by only choosing one online outlet. Go for a targeted, but slightly broader reach. This allows you to tailor your pitches and adjust according to response. Again a professional can help you determine the best placement strategy.
  6. Go mobile. Mobile users seem to take more time when watching videos than their desktop counterparts. We’re talking 2.4 to 5 minutes for mobile users versus under 2 minutes for desktop users. That is a huge advantage so make sure your videos are mobile compatible. It’s essential.
  7. Video boosts email campaigns. Statistics show video increases conversion rates as much as 2-3 times marketing that does not include video. This is particularly true in email marketing. This means increased engagement and opportunity.
  8. Share your passion. Emotions are contagious so share how you feel about your business, product or service. Let others feel your passion and share it. Use video to turn customers into fans.
  9. Offer something other than a sales pitch. People buy into what they care about. Educate your viewers. Use video to introduce your industry or related topics. Post videos that inspire viewers and highlight you as the expert.
  10. Lastly, get higher Google placement. Google loves video as much as we do. It rewards posts with video. In fact, your website will get higher ranking if you include video. It’s that easy.

Launching a video campaign is easy with the right partner. Call today (703) 683-5305 to find out how Video Solutions can help you produce videos that get results or simply Contact Us. We have a full consulting arm of our business dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes create a strategy that works.