In the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the end of the current year, it’s easy to lose focus.

There are too many projects needing attention before the end of the year and way too many distractions. But this is the perfect time to plan for the coming year.

Planning is an essential task at the end of a year. Like any milestone, it gives us a moment to reflect on what has passed and what is to come.

Here are our best tips for closing out the year from a video perspective:

  1. Compile what’s been produced this year. Create an archive for 2017 that shows the videos you have produced and how they were used in your marketing, fundraising, internal and external campaigns. This catalog will help you stay organized and see trends.
  2. Grab the B-roll too. Don’t forget to take all the extra footage you have and create a footage library you can pull from in future videos. It also helps to log the footage and clearly mark whether it is 4k, HD or some other format.
  3. Assess how the past year went for your organization in terms of video campaigns. Were they successful? What worked? What didn’t? Use the answers to help guide your efforts in the coming year.
  4. Make a spreadsheet of how and where you used video and where it might be needed moving forward. If you combine this with your assessment, you will have a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of your video campaigns.
  5. Compare how you used video versus other methods of communication. Were the videos more or less successful? Why? Was it the quality of the production or the application of the video? Were the print pieces better written or used more creatively? Comparing different methods might alert you to possibilities for the future.
  6. Call your production team (or find a new production partner if your assessment wasn’t ideal) and start mapping out a strategy for 2018. It’s never to early to start planning.

Video Solutions is available for strategic planning. We also offer production consulting and communications audits. Call today to set up an appointment.