Industry experts, including Facebook’s vice president of Europe, predict social media will be all video in the next five years.

The company has seen a marked decline in text and an increase in activity related to video and pictures. They are now actively warning companies to turn to video for the future.

The question is whether you are prepared for this new reality. Do you have a strategic and tactical plan to convert your marketing to video? Do you have a video archive of footage to pull from? If not, we can help. But you need to act quickly.

A video-based social media strategy takes planning. It’s more involved than converting existing posts to video. It takes time to build the resources required to create ongoing videos.

Here are our top 8 tips for creating a video-based campaign that works in this new video-based world:

Tip 1: Prepare Now to Stay Competitive

Don’t wait to build your video library. These changes are coming and quickly. Companies that delay will be left behind. Video production takes time and is an investment. While you can produce a quick video here and there, it’s cheaper and more effective to create a campaign together. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to stay relevant and on-trend.

Tip 2: Don’t Rely on Amateur Footage

It’s tempting to capture video on your phone and post. It happens all the time, but when it comes to business, taking the amateur route can backfire. Video is like any other marketing vehicle: It reflects on the entity posting it. If you rely on employee footage from cell phones, you risk undermining your brand image. Producing an archive of footage you can pull from to create quick postings is a better strategy. Then you can augment your corporate videos with employee pieces IF you’ve trained your employees on the basics and ensured videos will be vetted and appropriate.

Tip 3: Produce Campaigns, Not Videos

Don’t send a crew out to shoot one video at a time. Instead, create a campaign strategy and production plan to capture multiple videos at a time. It will save you time and money, plus you can create a more cohesive and effective campaign with a strong story arch to engage viewers over time. It’s important to take a long view when it comes to video.

Tip 4: Use everything.

Don’t look at video marketing as a piece meal operation. When you do produce a video, look for opportunities to use the same footage another way. The best way to do this is to break up a longer video into micro-videos you can use as teasers on social media. You can even create fun videos that show a behind-the-scenes look at your organization filmed at the same time as another video. The point is not to limit your production options.

Tip 5: Post Compelling Video

Knowing what to post is key. Not everything works in video. This is why strategy helps, especially when helping employees know what to post and when. Hiring a professional production company with experience creating video campaigns can prevent embarrassing mistakes.

Tip 6: Keep Your Videos Quick and Post Often

Social media videos should be short and sweet. If you have a longer message, break it up and present it as a series of shorts. Not only will you please viewers with shorter pieces, but you will increase engagement by presenting a series. A good rule of thumb is to post videos one minute or less. Save the longer videos for your website, convention booth, and live presentations.

Tip 7: Track Your Impact

Know what videos appeal to your viewership and tweak those that don’t work. Tracking your results is the only way to adjust campaigns that aren’t working or build on those that do. A professional production company can help you track results and even test those results to find the perfect approach.

Tip 8: Don’t Be Afraid to Go Live

Did you know that people comment 10 times more when you post live video than when you post a recorded video? Consider stepping into a studio or location to stream live video. Like other videos, though, don’t go into a live situation without proper planning and preparation. Know what you want to say and what you want to accomplish. Maintain production values and make sure you present a professional image in keeping with your brand. This is a great time to partner with professional partners who can assist and guide you.

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