Does your organization want to go viral?

Then you need to understand the psychology of why people share material online.

The current theory of psychologists is that people share for five primary reasons:

1) To define who they are—people share videos that reflect their values and personality.
2) Because it is entertaining—who doesn’t love a good cat video?
3) Because it made them feel—tapping into emotions pays off.
4) To build relationships—nurturing that bond works.
5) To promote causes and brands they believe in.

Sharing is about emotional reactions and relationships. People are far more likely to share videos and other online content if they feel a connection to the person or entity posting the material or to the content being shared.

The best way to translate this into shareable content is to:

1) Always bring value to your viewers. Build your online presence around the five core pillars of sharing. Make it worth their time, not only to view themselves but to share to others. This means your content has to matter, tap into the emotions or entertain.

2) Be unique. Show a new side of a subject or offer new information. People like to learn. If they see value in your posting, they will share it.

3) Put into motion. Video is shared more than any other kind of content.

4) Consider animation as an alternative. Infographic videos are popular because they are fun, easy to watch and informative.

5) Post in ways that allows your viewers to interact with each other. Interaction is key to going viral.

6) Make your viewers feel valuable by providing something new or more in-depth than your counterparts are doing.

7) Promote or create a cause for your viewers to rally around. They want to feel a part of something.

8) Make them feel. Whether you make them laugh or cry, you have to tap into your viewers emotions to elicit a response. Emotion is the foundation of good storytelling and story is the key to great videos.

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