There is no better way to generate interest in a cause than to add video to your campaign.

According to Tubular Insights, in 2014, video marketing campaigns for non-profit organizations generated 670 million views, a 857% increase from the previous six years. Viewers are watching. It’s time for you to start showing what matters to your organization.
People like to rally to a cause. It’s the reason so many organizations are turning to social media to influence opinion.

But how do you stand out among the noise of the web? How do you get supporters for your cause? Here are our top seven points:

1) Start with a clear vision of your stance and platform for your cause. Know what you want your viewers to understand and do. This will help you organize your footage and message in the videos you present, even if they are put together on the fly during an emergency situation. This is particularly helpful for organizations that help raise funds for disaster situations when immediacy is essential. Plan ahead so you can hit record when the worst happens. It also helps when you have a variety of messages around a central theme. A good plan makes all the difference.

2) Seek funding for the video projects before you need it. Either have a line item in your budget for rush videos or seek grants from places such as Google or YouTube. This will help you respond quickly and reach more people. It also gives you flexibility to add to your message.

3) Have a platform to show your videos. You can use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, your own website or some other distribution platform. The key is to have something in place so you can add videos as needed. Create a place for viewers to find you and your content. You can even create different channels for different campaigns.

4) Tell compelling stories. This is true for every video, but even more so for rallying support and raising funds. People only act or give when their hearts are engaged. There is no better way for that happen than to tell a good story and show why they should care. You can do this by showing why you do.

5) Be human. Don’t try to manipulate your audience. It’s best to be sincere and honest in your message. Viewers can tell when they are being manipulated to “feel” things. Just tell your story and add a clear call to action. Don’t lay on the guilt or get heavy-handed because it can backfire.

6) Show how acting or giving will change things and make them better if you can.

7) Integrate your videos into your overall efforts. Use a given hashtag on social media. Follow up with articles on your website. Reach out to the press. You may even want to include advertising to rally your troops.

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