It is a well-established fact that adding video to your brand campaign will dramatically increase your results, outreach and impact.

We have written many blogs on the subject, including Video is the Future and Why Approach Matters. Today we’re going to talk about the other side of the equation: The Dangers of Using Bad Video.

Poor video quality turns off prospective and existing clients nearly at the same rate as good ones can convert or retain them.
So let’s define what makes a “good” versus “bad" video.

“Good” video is a video that is produced to broadcast quality standards. It features proper lighting, sound and is shot with a professional look. The message is considered and skillfully crafted. The footage is edited to engage the viewer and sway them to buy, act or learn. Good videos should look like something you would see from a major corporation or institution, not a homemade video from an amateur.

“Bad” videos are typically out of focus, have bad lighting or sound. The editing is choppy or has an amateur feel about it. Often “bad” videos have a convoluted message or one that makes no sense. There’s no story to engage the audience and the footage was shot badly or edited poorly.

Using good video practices matters. They reflect your product, service and organization. They are your public face, especially if you are posting them on the Internet where they will live forever.

When you are planning your video campaign, consult a professional. Know how to interview a production company and pick the right one. For help with this, consult our How to Hire a Production Company article.
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