Video is a great medium with lots of advantages from entertainment to instructional. It is flexible enough to handle any kind of material, but where it really shines is in making the complex simple.

There is a distinct advantage to combining visuals, audio and graphics. It allows learners of all types engage with the material. It also makes it easier to absorb when your brain can assimilate information in different ways with different parts of the brain.

Do you have a tough topic that needs explaining? Video can make it less intimidating by watching the tone and controlling the way it’s delivered. Text cannot do that.

Do you have to share detailed instructions? Video can break the steps down and show your audience at the same time they are receiving detailed information to support the visuals. This helps viewers grasp the concepts better than print alone.

Do you have safety information to share? Video can reduce the fear response in viewers with its approach and images. Plus safety information is better if the person can see what is being suggested instead of just reading about it.

Want to walk someone through complex choices, such as benefits packages? Video can tackle each option individually and even allow the viewer to choose options moving forward. Your video production team can produce an interactive video built in levels to allow people to switch back-and-forth until they understand all of their options and can make informed decisions.

Need to make sure every employee watches a compliance video? You can set it up with controls so they are locked out of their computer until the watch the video. Or you can build in a tracking system to ensure 100% compliance. And know that the material is being presented in a way that will increase retention.

Whenever you have complex material, video is a great option to presenting it in a way that will simplify it, engage your audience and increase retention and understanding. It is a great option for details and heavy material.

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