Marketing and sales is tough these days. Customers are inundated with information and options.

It’s often tough for them to differentiate between them. That’s where video comes in. It’s also when adding customer testimonials can help.

Customer testimonials carry weight. When they are presented via video they are even more powerful. Here’s why:
  • Videos allow your customers to talk about their experiences with your organization, service or product through stories and anecdotes
  • Video adds that personal touch that text lacks. It also includes things like body language, emotion, empathy and tone of voice—all elements that affect the outcome.
  • Video are human and relatable.
  • Viewers believe someone they can see more than a random quote that could have been edited or taken out of context.
  • Video testimonials are also more engaging than text.
  • Most viewers prefer video to text, which means your audience will respond better to a video testimonial than seeing a quote on your website.

What constitutes are customer testimonial?

It’s a chance for your customer to rave about you or your product/service on camera. Think of them like a video version of a review. How much would it help to have your customers urging others to become customers too?

Tips for creating the best customer testimonials:

  • Introduce the early in the sales and marketing process. They are a great introduction to your organization, product or service.
  • Think of them as tiny, micro videos that can tell a story. Mix up your approach by using different styles—interview format, stand-ups, documentary style, story mode and more. Be sure to include B-roll to show your customer engaging with your company, product or service.
  • Show the object of the testimonial.
  • Use music and other video components to create your micro video.
  • Keep testimonials to 2 minutes or less. The first :30 seconds should establish who the customer is, followed by the second :30 seconds talking about an issue they had that was solved by your organization, which is the final :30 seconds or so of the testimonial.
  • Start small. Video testimonials are an introductory video product and easily produced.
  • Consider filming multiple testimonials in one day to lower your production costs even more.
  • Focus on testimonials that have a tangible solution to an issue the customer was having. This will increase the success of your video. Use metrics to show how your organization helped.
  • Try to get people with name recognition or people from top companies whenever possible.
  • Be sure you have approval from the person and his or her organization to show the testimonial before you begin filming. There is no sense producing something that cannot be used. Focus on one person at a time. If more than one person wants to rave about you on camera, plan on producing more than one testimonial. Don’t dilute the power of your testimonial by doubling up.
  • Do not script the testimonial. Let your customers use their own words for a more authentic and sincere review.

Great times to shoot testimonials:

  • Conferences and meetings are a great time to tap your customer base. Or any time your customers are gathered for something else. Testimonials are short, so you wouldn’t be asking for a big time commitment, but you could shoot several in one day without worry about travel or other issues scheduling people. Assign someone from your organization to be there during the shoot and try to make it special by placing the shoot next to a popular feature or by providing food or other exclusive benefit for participants.
  • Set a production day at a studio or a specific location and invite everyone to attend. This requires a bit more planning, but it does offer the benefit of being the only focus of the day.
  • Send a crew to your customer’s location to shoot them where they are. This incurs a bit of travel cost, but it is often easier on your customer. If showing them in their own environment is a plus for the video, this is the best option. For example, if you can show them using your product in place, this is the better choice.
Video Solutions offers an introductory Video Testimonial Package through our 3-2-1 Video-2-Go service. It’s a great way to jump into professionally produced videos.