Producing a great video is not enough to gain an online audience. You need to show it beyond your website and team if you want your view count to rise.

Knowing where to place a video is key to your success. The great news is that there are many distribution options available online. Here are a few:

Your Website - Your own site is the first placement. Always. There is no reason to give away your branded content without maximizing its power for your organization. In fact, when you post to other sites, be sure to link back to your own site. Control your content.

Create a Content Vault - Don’t share your videos without creating a dedicated place for them on your own site. If you have a lot of videos, create a searchable place for them so viewers can browse within your site. Think of it like a mini YouTube you own and control.

Use Landing Pages - Google rewards video placement and so do viewers. Use that information to create landing pages to feature videos. Then place those videos at the top of the page.

YouTube - It’s the king for a reason and also the second largest search engine. Use it strategically, but don’t be fooled into thinking it is a video strategy. It’s not. Pushing viewers back to your website is so you can control the material and track the results.

Email Directly -Do an email campaign to your prospect and client list. Add in your staff, members and fans. Then invite them back to your site to view the videos you’ve collected.

Passive Marketing - Don’t forget to add some passive measures to your tactics, like including a link to the video in your blogs, site copy and even in the email signatures of your team members.

Embed the Link - Look beyond passive marketing to ways you can embed the link into other items on the Internet, like in SlideShare and sales decks. Post it as an answer to a question in a social media discussion, if applicable. Don’t shoehorn it in if it’s not helpful.

Maximize Your Social Networks - Include the video and ancillary information to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest and wherever else you may be active.

Post Various Lengths -If you have a long video, consider making shorter trailers for the video to post in various locations. Some social networks have maximum lengths. Cut your teasers to those lengths and watch your view rate jump.

Post Still Photos -If a site doesn’t allow video or relies heavily on text, consider adding a still image from the video with a brief message and link to your website where they can watch the video. This should add a small boost to your view rate.

Media -Include a link to the video to your media materials and then offer broadcast outlets access to your B-roll from the shoot for their own story. Send out a press release to announce the video too.

Internal Promotion -Don’t limit your promotion of the video to your external audience. Announce it to everyone you know within the organization and ask them to include the link and video in their communications and marketing efforts. You never know what can come from grassroots marketing.

TIP: When you place a video in multiple locations be sure to change the title slightly to maintain your SEO efforts. You don’t want to siphon from your own website to boost someone else’s traffic. At Video Solutions we help our clients look at all the distribution options to maximize the use of their video content. If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call (703) 683-5305 or contact us, we're more than happy to help. And for more production insights and ideas, please visit our Resource Center.