Everyone knows cat videos are fun. But video can do more than show our furry friends in crazy situations.

Video has a proven track record in capturing more leads for business than traditional marketing. Below are our top 12 ways to use integrated video in your strategic marketing plan to steal some audiences from the cats and increase leads:

1) Landing Pages. Placing your video on key landing pages can have dramatic results. When presented with text and video, most browsers prefer video.

2) Lead with Video. Don’t bury your video. Put it at the top of the page for the best results both in viewing and in optimizing your SEO. Google loves video and rewards it with preferential treatment and higher placement.

3) Use Custom Thumbnails. Helps entice viewers to click on your content by creating a positive image for your video. Don’t let your image be randomly selected. Choose a compelling image and let it work for you. Many experts agree that a smiling human face is the best option for business videos.

4) Insert a Lead Capture Form. Ask for email information before allowing viewers to see your content. This works best with videos in prime placement at the top of the page.

5) Add Annotations on Your Videos. Social Media venues offer ways to lead customers back to your website if you look for them. Look for ways to add links and notes to your video. YouTube is one major distributor that allows annotation. Use it.

6) Optimization. Make sure your videos are optimized for top placement in every placement venue. This takes a bit of time, but it’s worth it to boost your placement. (See tip below.)

7) Video Testimonials. Nothing works better than having a third party praise you in person…or at least on video. Adding video testimonials from clients, fans and third party experts will boost your profile and increase your leads.

8) Short Videos Work Better. Viewers lose focus with longer videos. Keep your content short and sweet, then follow it with a clear and hard call to action. If you have a longer video, consider breaking it into smaller sections to show as a series. Or make a teaser to promote the longer version.

9) Add Links. Don’t let your video do all the hard lifting. Add links to more information to capture the most interested viewers. Then add an email gate to capture their information if it was not included in the video they viewed.

10) Send Personalized Videos. Once you have a list of interested prospects, send them a video embedded in a personalized email campaign. This allows you to follow up, strengthen the interaction and add your prospects into your marketing funnel.

11) Use a Marketing Funnel. Speaking of funnels, add video to yours to increase results.

12) Use Indirect Marketing. Post your video in other venues beyond your own. Include it in social media and in guests posts to other sites. Look for ways to use your video beyond the usual. It has persuasive power. Let it flex and show how powerful it really is.