Do you remember the time we...

Tell me the one about...

This reminds me of...

You won’t believe what happened today...

Think back on your interactions with other people. Many conversations, and I would venture to say most, begin with a statement like one of those listed above.

We are creatures of storytelling. Our lives are filled with them. They comprise our memories and form our entertainment. They are what keeps social media alive, not to mention films, theater, books, music and so much more.

From the time of the cave men, we have gathered to share our experiences. It is how we share our history and dreams.

In a broader sense, it is how we live our a series of stories we share.

The question then is why do so many organizations and businesses forget that when they try to communicate? Why do so many write without a narrative?

Storytelling is the key to success no matter what your endeavor. Film makes that task easy. All you need is to begin with a great idea, follow it with an engaging script and then film that script in a way that comes to life.

It doesn’t matter if you are sharing your latest widget or teaching employees how to be safer on the job. What matters is your audience, and your audience wants a story. They want to be entertained. They want a beginning, a middle and an end. They want to know why they should care and what they should do.

That is storytelling. Really good storytelling.

Think about your favorite books and movies. Remember how they make you feel.

Now think about how your business would improve if you could capture that same feeling (or a similar one) in a corporate video.

People would donate, learn, improve, act. They would be motivated, inspired and change. That is the purpose of video.

So next time you think about adding a video to your business, think like a novelist. Find the story behind your mission and vision and strategy and all those other business buzz words.

If you can’t find your story, Call (703) 683-5305 or contact us. We are experts at figuring out how to make the complex intriguing and the simple appeal resonate. See our case studies for examples.