<3>Everyone knows social media is important to succeed in today’s market. As its importance grows, so does the influence of video. Some experts have even gone so far as to say video is the number one strategy. We happen to agree.

Placement is also important. You likely know the usual suspects. But did you know those distribution platforms have shifted over the past 18 months?
Here is a quick guide to where to post video and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Think of YouTube as a store with its shelves crammed full of content on a variety of subjects. It is enormous with nearly 300 hours of video content uploaded every minute. You heard me right—every minute. It has been the go-to place in social media. Unfortunately, YouTube is on a downward trend lately. It can’t compete with Facebook’s 4 billion daily video streams or its data capabilities. The other issue with YouTube is the extreme competition for viewers. It’s tough to stand out in a crowded space. Not to mention that YouTube has been discovered by marketers and glutted with their content. It’s getting harder and harder to find the spotlight there.

Facebook allows brands to reach fans on a large scale without the same type of competition. It maximizes on your brand and marketing efforts. The new video ads adds benefits too to the standard video posts. This is good for sales and marketing. The Facebook Newsfeed algorithm favors video over other content. It puts you above standard marketing efforts but only if you upload the videos natively and don’t just add links. Facebook is on an upward trend and has become a leader in video marketing and distribution. This translates to targeted viewers and increased exposure. If you aren’t posting videos on Facebook, you are missing a prime opportunity. This should be your top priority in distribution, but not your only one.

Twitter has been on a decline lately, posting its lowest sales last quarter, but that could be about to change. In January, Twitter launched aa new video product and in recent up fronts they announced they hosted 800 hours of live content last quarter, almost one-third the way to round-the-clock content. Plus they just announced that Bloomberg would be streaming live news there. While they are not the strongest of the offerings, they are moving toward a video platform that could revitalize the platform. The true advantage to Twitter is the attention. Its audience tends to pay closer attention to what’s happening in real time. The way to win here is to focus on engagement. Build an audience that cares and replies with more than a “Like” to your content.

This is the place to post a curated library of content you can share in a professional way. Think of it as an online portfolio of your content. You can link to it and share videos in a personal way. It can be an important part of your distribution plan if you want to share one-on-one with your target audience.

Your Organizational Web Site
The best place to host video is on your site. It will increase your placement with Google and help you keep those who visit your home page. These days, your audience expects video. It is how they prefer to process information. Including strategic video on your site will change everything.

There are many places for video these days and more are announced every day. It is the place to be if you are are in marketing, sales, public relations, promotion, fundraising, advocacy and just about any other aspect of business that relies on interaction and engagement.

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