Videos are the indisputable leader in online content. The statistics are overwhelmingly. The challenge with this is creating content that sticks with your audience. Content that attracts their attention and is effective.

Here are our top 7 tips for producing videos that linger: Tip 1: Be Interesting No one likes a bore. This is the quickest way to lose your audience. They want to be entertain, informed, surprised and so many other things. They do not want to be let down or lectured to in a pedantic way. Engage them. Give them something to hold their interest. Facts alone are not enough. Don’t make your audience regret clicking on your video. It is the quickest way to lose them forever.

Tip 2: Be Clear There is nothing worse than watching a commercial or video and not knowing what it was about. Do not confuse interesting with confusing. It happens all too often. Be clear in what you are conveying. Be clever, certainly, but be sure you have a concrete idea that clearly illustrates your point. Your audience should never be lost. If you want an idea to stick, it must be concrete and clear.

Tip 3: Be Credible People want to listen to experts who speak the truth. It is essential that you know your subject and are articulate. Be sincere. Have something of value to share. Don’t rely on statistics to make your case. Make it yourself with cogent arguments.

Tip 4: Story is King Stories resonate with people. They stick. Why? Because we live our lives in stories. It is how we share lives. Tap into the power of story and you will see your content come to life and stick with your audience.

Tip 5: Get Emotional Emotion is what motivates an audience. They want to feel something. They want to be inspired, motivated, persuaded and made to feel. Make them care by letting them see how people are affected by your topic. Go into the emotional whys and wherefores of the subject. Tap into the humanity lying within the subject. Powerful visuals combined with emotion will lead to deeper audience engagement.

Tip 6: Size Matters Brevity is best. Short videos do better than long ones.

Tip 7: Call to Action Don’t leave your audience wondering what to do next. Tell them. It is not enough to create content that is compelling, you have to include a follow-on action, whether that is to act, inspire, change, learn, or consider. Guide your audience to their next step. It may even be as simple as watching the next video in your series. Take their hand and lead them where you need them to go. Just don’t get all hard-core salesman on them or leave them in the lurch.