Marketing experts agree that video is the key to content marketing. It makes a bigger impact than any other form of content. The trick is to know how to use video in a strategic way that will propel your organization forward.

Here are our top 10 video marketing strategies every plan should include:

    1) Production Schedule: Don’t just wing it.
    You need to present consistent content over time, just like any successful marketing or PR campaign. Consider producing a longer piece and breaking it up into small bits that will tell a story over time. This will save you time and money, and make a bigger splash among your users. Or create a series of short videos that tell an overall story or fall under an umbrella theme.

    2) Use What You Have: Don’t start from scratch every time. Plan ahead and know what footage you are going to need so you can grab b-roll on every shoot. This will help you build an archive of footage you can pull from for future projects.
    3) Bundling Production: Better yet, don’t just plan a video. Plan a campaign and save a bundle. If you group your production, you can maximize your budget and output. It also can save you a fortune. Plan your entire campaign and do production once. You can split the editing up to break up the costs, if needed.
    4) Short-Form Videos: Take advantage of the rise in short and micro video trends. Consumers like short videos they can share. Sites like Pinterest and Twitter allow micro videos (up to :15 seconds). Use these as teasers to get users to click-through to your web site to see the longer form. This is a great way to use footage you already have. Don’t let your videos be the end. Strategically use smaller parts of them.
    5) Tutorials, Training & Tips: Post helpful videos. Become the expert in your field. Show how to do something. Offer a tutorial, training video or quick tips. If you help your customers, they will turn to you in their times of need.
    6) Explainer Videos: Don’t forget to post videos explaining what you do and how to use your products and services. These videos help your customers understand who you are and what you offer. They are about you. The tutorials and tips from number 5 are all about them.
    7) Build On Your Brand": It’s tempting to hop on the trend train and copy what some other company is doing. Don’t. Be true to your brand. Create content that builds on that brand. Make sure what you create is true to what your organization stands for and isn’t following anyone else.
    8) Encourage Customer Engagement: Consider encouraging your customers to get involved. Perhaps create an area of your web site where customers can create user-generated videos to post and share. People like to feel connected. This is a great way to foster that. If you don’t believe me, check out Old Spice’s campaign where their spokesperson responded to user videos. It was brilliant.
    9) Redirect Customers: Embed video teasers (those short and micro videos) into your social media posts to drive users back to your site. Include them on video emails. Post them on your home page. Include them on Facebook and everywhere else you have a presence. Sometimes a well-placed tease can create the buzz you need.
    10) Call to Action: Lastly, don’t forget to add the call to action. Videos are fun and engaging, but they aren’t supposed to just play. Make them work for you. Tell your audience what you want them to do after watching.