Did you know that using video in your recruiting efforts can save you money and result in better employees? All while being faster than traditional methods?

Recruiting employees is a tough business, especially in Washington, DC where the competition is stiff. There are only so many qualified employees with the right security clearances and qualifications you need, so why duke it out with everyone else on those big electronic job sites? Stand out with a video and fill those open spots without all the pain.

Don’t need clearances for your positions? That’s okay too. Videos can help every organization regardless of size and need.

Here’s how video can help your recruiting efforts:

    Enhance Your SEO Reach — Video always works in your favor, especially on Google, which automatically bumps videos in search results. This means higher placement and more viewers without changing anything else.
      Bigger Viewership — Not only will Google love you, but more than 90% of adult internet users use search engines and with more than 185 million job-related searches on Google each month. These are people who will see your video recruitment and we all know that a wider net catches more job seekers.
        Target Employees — Using a video to recruit means you can spell out what you need and focus on what is required for a specific position. Target specifics, as much as you can within the parameters of your opening. If you have special needs, like a TS-SCI clearance, a recruiting video could speed the employment process. Make it clear what is required to apply. Stop wasting time with candidates who fall short of the necessary qualifications and do it in a positive way that enhances your company’s brand.
          Show Your Company — An ad doesn’t allow you to present anything but a possibility with few details. A video allows you to show what is needed and provide a look inside the company itself. Video can create expectations and share corporate culture.
            Reduce Attrition — Did you know that it costs an average of 20% of a person’s salary to replace them, sometimes more depending on the industry? This is a huge expense for an employer and even scarier when an average of 25% of employees regret their employment decision within one year of being hired. The biggest reason for their regret is realizing there is a difference in expectations—something that could be addressed in a recruiting video and better internal communications (which is another topic for an upcoming blog—stay tuned).
              Maximize Your Website and Social Media — Post a general recruiting video on your website and social media for maximum exposure. This could be a highlights reel of openings or a general notice of the types of candidates you need that could make a huge difference in your recruiting efforts. Did you know that 79% of job seekers use social media in their search? It rises to 86% for the younger generation (within the first 10 years of their career). Help your company go viral with video recruitment.
                Shorten the Time Between Need and Fulfillment — Nearly half of employers (45%) report the time to fill open positions has grown since 2014. Video recruiting helps you stand out and attract more qualified applicants, reducing wasted time and increasing your success. If you are filling a contract position, reducing time means tapping into revenue that has been wasted.
                  Using Video as a Tool — According to a recent Aberdeen report, 65% of HR professionals said they plan to include video recruiting in their efforts. They declared video a “powerful recruiting tool” in what they are calling a talent acquisition revolution.
                    Enjoy Success — Again, Aberdeen reported that “nearly half of the organizations using video reported an improved cost-per-hire ratio, and more than half saw an improvement in the time it takes to identify qualified candidates in the first place.”
                      Include Perks — Is your open position in the city? Include teasers, such as free parking or easy access to downtown, public transportation and more.
                        Be Smart — If you often have similar openings, create a template that could be edited quickly and easily for new openings. This will reduce your overall cost, but still net results.
                          Be Even Smarter — Or build your recruiting videos as modules with different sections that can be mixed and matched with new requirement sections that describe specific positions as they arise. The possibilities are endless, but bundling is a great way to reduce cost and net higher results.