May 2017


Why Size Matters: The Case for a Strategic Media Boutique


In recent years, there has been a move in advertising to move away from big agencies to smaller, boutique firms. The reason is simple: they offer appealing benefits.


Video Solutions is a strategic media boutique. We offer our clients a small agency experience and all the benefits that come with that. Here is a peek at what that means:


Your Organization Matters

At a boutique, your organization stands out. You are not one of many, but one of a select few that enjoys dedicated service. We are selective about our clients and loyal to the ones we serve. You won’t be just one more client here. You will be a partner and a part of the team. We care about your project because we invest ourselves into it. It’s not just another project.


Attention from the Top

We won’t relegate you to assistants and interns here. Every project has senior-level people working on it. The president of the company is deeply involved from the beginning to ensure quality work and oversight. Every client gets his phone number and email. We don’t give you the runaround here.


Top Billing

It doesn’t matter how large or small your project or organization is—you get the same quality and attention. This doesn’t happen at larger organizations that are focused on the bottom line. We look at our business as a partnership with our clients. We care about the outcome and the process to get there.



Boutique firms are small and flexible. Video Solutions is known for meeting tight deadlines and working with near impossible schedules. Why? Because our team has worked together so well, we can anticipate each others’ needs and react quickly. We use a team of seasoned professionals who know each of us on the team and who understands our way of working, which makes productions easier to manage. We are nimble and proud of that.


Lean, Mean and Hungry

Small firms focus on quality, not quantity. We don’t rest on our reputation, but on our work. Each project gets the same dedication and focus as another. There are no easy projects here. We like being a small firm that cares. Our clients like that we are lean, mean and hungry. We know we have to deliver to keep our clients coming back again and again. Our work matters.


We Look Beyond the Bottom Line

We want our clients to succeed, to achieve their goals and more. It isn’t enough to meet a deadline or budget and call it a day. The project must succeed too in meeting its goal and fulfilling the original intent behind the project. We look at our work strategically, going beyond the bottom line to the purpose beyond it. That is what matters to us.



Our company is comprised of people who want to be there. We hire the best in the business— professionals who love what they do and bring passion to their work. None of us can imagine doing anything else. This keeps us actively engaged in the industry and up-to-date on the latest techniques, equipment, trends and aesthetic choices. We live this. We don’t take our work for granted because it’s a vocation, not a job.

Why a Strategic Media Boutique?


Strategic = carefully designed to serve a particular purpose


Media = communication through broadcast outlets, showings, publishing and the Internet


Boutique = a business that serves a specialized clientele, typically small and personal

At Video Solutions, we embrace strategic media in all its forms. We decided to specialize as a strategic media boutique to provide our clients better results based on a strategic, not tactical, mindset. We never produce individual videos, instead, we look at each project as an integral part of an organization’s image and outreach.


It is not enough to just produce videos that do little more than play. Videos need to support an organization’s image, purpose and brand. Taking a strategic approach means that we are dedicated to producing videos that fulfill a need and support the organization’s goals as a whole.


We do this by:


  • Analyzing what has gone before
  • Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of existing materials
  • Considering the intent and desired result for the video
  • Exploring opportunities to maximize effectiveness while preserving the budget
  • Pulling together an experienced team that suits the project at hand
  • Assisting with ancillary products and collateral materials
  • Offering full consulting services and related services, like communication audits, speechwriting and media training
  • Becoming a partner instead of a vendor


Video is a powerful player in today’s world, but it needs to be directed in a way that stands out among the white noise. Videos need to deliver the right message, with the right look, to the right audience. This takes more than showing up with a camera and owning an editing program. It takes a team dedicated to maximizing its clients’ opportunities and potential.


Video Solutions chose to be a strategic media boutique specializing in producing content that matters. We wanted to offer our clients a deeper experience.


If you want a team that will partner with you to produce more than video, call us. We will help you elevate your organization.



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This Month's "In Focus" — On the Run “The Top 10 Coffee Do’s and Donuts”


With our focus this month on Internal Communications, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at one of our favorites produced for ExxonMobil’s On the Run stores. Through the use of humor and the assistance of our invented character "Bengal Trader’s Joe," we successfully delivered the message. Of course it helps to have a wonderful improve comedian on hand, John C. Bailey, to bring the character to life. This motivational video was designed to get employees doing the right thing when it comes to managing the On the Run coffee offering. Bengal Trader’s Joe was used in a series of training videos as a re-occuring character which made employees pay attention, have some fun, and look forward to each episode.

Interested in learning more?

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