April 2017


Top 12 Reasons Video Works in Internal Communications


Video is an important component in any internal communications plan. It is personal and can help you keep talent by increasing engagement and morale. But why is that? Read out top 12 ways video helps internal communications:


  1. Recipients tend to more fully absorb information provided visually making video a great choice for sharing knowledge.
  2. Most recipients these days prefer video to other formats. It is the best performing medium in marketing these days.
  3. Video takes less time to convey material, especially complex or detailed information. It saves time and increases retention.
  4. Video can take the place of in-person meetings, saving on travel time and lost production.
  5. Video feels more personal than text, which makes viewers respond more favorably to it. This in turn makes them more engaged with the presenter and more connected—a great thing when trying to fight attrition.
  6. It provides a human face to the message, not just a photo, but a living person who can convey tone, caring and recognition through body language and delivery. This helps viewers feel more connected and loyal.
  7. Video eliminates inconsistency issues since the content is locked in and approved beforehand. This could be invaluable in training and policy updates. You no longer have to worry whether content is being presented correctly.
  8. Video can be made available on a variety of platforms and devices for complete accessibility. You can store videos on an intraweb for use at your employee’s leisure, thus respecting their time and needs.
  9. Video is more engaging than text, especially when it employs storytelling. This means viewers pay more attention and get more from the presentation.
  10. Video creates an emotional context and increases a feeling of connection to the organization, thereby increasing loyalty.
  11. Video allows you to show instead of just tell—a hallmark of good storytelling.
  12. Video can be made secure by using a secured video hosting to restrict viewing to those who need to watch. This protects your sensitive information.



Top Videos to Consider Providing to Your Employees


There are many ways you can use video to communicate with your employees. Here are some of our best options:

Induction or Orientation

Employee Benefits

Open Benefits Enrollment Explanations

Employee Programs


Employee Honors or Awards

Special Recognition

Congratulatory Videos

State of the Company Addresses

Annual Reports

Training Sessions

CEO Messages

Holiday Messages

Corporate Policy Updates and Reminders

Developing Projects or News

Good News

Company Changes

Professional Development

Team Morale

Video Newsletters

Sorry I Can’t Be There Videos (for missed functions)

Video Emails that can be used for invitations, messages, news and more


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This Month's "In Focus" — On the Run “The Top 10 Coffee Do’s and Donuts”


With our focus this month on Internal Communications, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at one of our favorites produced for ExxonMobil’s On the Run stores. Through the use of humor and the assistance of our invented character "Bengal Trader’s Joe," we successfully delivered the message. Of course it helps to have a wonderful improve comedian on hand, John C. Bailey, to bring the character to life. This motivational video was designed to get employees doing the right thing when it comes to managing the On the Run coffee offering. Bengal Trader’s Joe was used in a series of training videos as a re-occuring character which made employees pay attention, have some fun, and look forward to each episode.

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